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"Lime Slush" Mushroom


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WYSIWYG "Lime Slush" Mushroom.  This richordea mushroom has an intense lime green base with two separate mushrooms.  The intensity is nuclear under LED lighting.  They are a wonderful invertebrate for bottom placement in a reef aquarium. Given appropriate length of time, if not pruned back, they have the ability to cover the entire tanks rockwork.

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The Ricordea genus are some of the most sought after mushrooms due to their brilliance and the variety of colors available. They can fetch a hefty price if the color is intense. However the Florida False Coral is not nearly as pricey as its close cousin, the R. yuma.

   Ricordea mushrooms are usually bright or even fluorescent in intensities. The R. florida comes in several color combinations such as orange, green, yellow, blue, and purple with some having blue, purple, or orange rings surrounding a contrasting middle color. They can also have multiple mouths.

   A great mushroom for a nano tank, the Florida False Coral reaches a maximum of 2 - 3" (5 - 7.5 cm), and it is not a demanding coral either. It is moderate to care for and can tolerate more light than other mushrooms. However, It does not multiply as quickly or thrive under direct metal halide lighting, so indirect light would be suggested. It can handle a moderate to high water flow due to the fact that they grow so tightly against the surface they are on. They do not have a potent sting, but direct contact with another coral will still cause damage, so be sure to provide several inches of space between tank mates.

   The R. yuma propagates easily, yet depending on genetics, can sometimes multiply slowly in captivity. Swifter water movement may speed up propagation. Many color morphs are available from captive breeding. After splitting, the clone mushroom doesn't necessarily always resemble the "mother" mushroom, thus giving the aquarist a variety of shades and colors. They have very few predators if any.